A new, dynamic curling camp that combines world-class instruction with sport-specific fitness training. One-day and Weekend sessions are available.


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Written by John Morris, Third for Team Kevin Martin and a fixture among Canada’s elite curlers since skipping teams to world junior titles in 1998 and 1999, <em>Fit to Curl</em> is the first sport-specific guide to training for the world’s greatest game. John has seen the game evolve and uses his experiences in the sport and his background in kinesiology and personal training to provide specific training that will make a difference on the ice. No matter what your aspirations might be, whether it’s making a few more shots on League Night or winning national titles, you’ll find programs in this book that will help you improve as a curler and be healthier as a person. Filled with great photos of some of the world’s top players on the ice and in the gym, <em>Fit to Curl</em> also offers insights into nutrition, team dynamics and the mental side of the game. It’s a great book for players of all levels.