The one-day version of Camp Fit to Curl is your chance to get curling instruction and a plan for curling-specific fitness in a single afternoon.

Dean Gemmell, member of Team McCormick (2012 United States Men’s Curling Champions/2013 U.S. Olympic Curling Trials participants) and co-author of Fit to Curl with John Morris, leads this six-hour training session. You’ll receive on-ice instruction that will improve your delivery mechanics, your sweeping technique and your game play. Following  your time on the ice, Dean will lead you through a workout designed specifically for curlers and provide guidance to help you train for your favorite sport both during the season and in the warmer months.

Dean is proof that the Fit to Curl program can provide real benefits for curlers of all levels. While working on the book, he committed to the programs that John Morris developed. Dean is convinced that his Olympic dreams would not be alive without this dedication to fitness.

Dean works directly with curling clubs to schedule One-Day Camps and registration is done through the club that is hosting the event. If you would like information about a One-Day Fit to Curl Camp at your club, contact Dean at or 862.216.6096 for more information.

Upcoming One-Day Camps
Ocotober 12th 12:00-6:30 PM Schenectady Curling Club